Indie Bits was so much fun! First time showing a game for me and it was so welcoming
— Diane Mueller, developer

Indie Bits is a celebration of independent gaming and interactive media designed to foster collaboration between developers and enthusiasts, academics and artists interested in games and gaming technologies.

We believe games can be some of the most entertaining, playful experiences imaginable. We also believe games have the power to crush your soul into a tiny puddle of sadness. Neither a fad nor a textbook, games are living and breathing realms where players can escape from and/or analyze the world around. Simple or complex, narrative or non-narrative, pixelated or rendered in the most beautiful CG known to humanity, the potential in these experiences is exhilarating.

Our event programming strives to explore the technical, artistic, and sociocultural aspects of games. Hosted by the Indie Grits Film Festival, we showcase the work of Southeastern professional and student game developers. We run a juried competition of Southeastern games. We run panels, discussions, and workshops featuring professionals working in games related fields. Our K12 workshops teaching children of all ages computational thinking and introductions to game design. Compete in our classic game tournament. Eat pizza and cake.