In a way, Autocorrect is just one long succession of musical riddles, each of them offering no definable answer or clear resolution.
— Michael Spawn, Free Times

Aha rocker sis amusing for elope with ears thanks you for lost so f.

Who authors predictive text?
What is a relationship with read receipts and Find My Friends?
How do we become better people when the computer knows best?
What is human in the age of autocorrect?

Autocorrect is one third experimental rap choir, and two thirds performance art. From one GIF to the next, these sonic adventurers reblog and ❤️ the ennui of aging, millennial, lower/middle-class males stumbling through the deconstruction of their own social identity. The struggle is real, between algorithms deciding what we see, hear, and know, and the timeless anxiety of not being quite sure where you fit. Student loans, minimum wage, tweetbots, and crippling depression.

There has never been a better time.

autocorrect EP photo.jpg

There's self deprecation and then there's @cecilnick

Autocorrect hail from Columbia, South Carolina and they have an EP out which has a title I can’t pretend to understand.
— Will Harrison, The Unheard Nerd

autocorrect slime in person at conundrumfest w cola SC

It is harsh, but not too distorted. Loud, but not like you’re being yelled at by your angry uncle
— Damn That Noise